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Hand Crafted from Imported High Quality Kangaroo Leather
Show Leads and Collars are braided by me,
with attention to beauty and lasting quality.
Kangaroo Leather is known to be the strongest of all leathers.
With use, this leather will turn buttery soft and supple.  
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My fine Leads/Leashes/Collars will give you the elegant look you want,
with the strength you need in a show lead.
Show Leads and Collars are tightly braided around a special "Core" to add even extra strength!
Buy Pre-Made Kangaroo Leather Leads/Leashes and Collar

Choose from different styles, length, colors, and order
Custom Made Kangaroo Leather Leads/Leashes.

Regular Kangaroo Leather Show Leads have an average of 1/8 -3/16 inch in diameter.
The Thicker Kangaroo Leather Leashes have an average of 1/4 inch in diameter.

Last Update: February 24, 2019

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Kangaroo Leather Show Leads
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